Appalachian Sock Company offers Replica Civil War Socks, Hand dyed Sock Yarn, hand cranked socks and restored sock knitting machines .We are also the designers of the original handcrafted CSM Traveller. The company is a friendly family owned business and originated in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia.

We have several specific goals which are very important for us to achieve & maintain.

We strive to keep our customers feet warm,

deliver beautiful hand dyed yarns,

provide quality sock knitting machines,

offer lessons from basics to design elements & personal customer support,


always,always,always... crank quality socks!

1 of a kind Hand Cranked socks by Kim.  Made to fit your feet!

Upcoming events

Third Annual Shenandoah Valley Crank-In 
May 2017

​Frederick Fiberfest June 2017
CSKMS Conference Aug 3-6 2017

Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival Sept 2017
​Knitter's Day Out Oct 2017

email me for information on any upcoming event​
Hope to see you there!!!!